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As with our current tenants, we are committed to your comfort and satisfaction.  When you rent a home in our care, your rental will be fully maintained, safe and secure.  We continuously update our listings.  When you see a home you’re interested in renting, click the “Apply Now” button in the listing and fill out the application.

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Your home is among your most valuable investments.  If you’re military and called away, moving for your job, or, life happens, you can depend on us.  We value and understand how to care for your home. Enjoy the benefits of being a property owner without the challenges of managing your asset.

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If your seller is under water or they have to move, if the market is soft and investors are involved, the time isn’t right to sell and you have to wait.  We’ll rent out and manage the property until things change.

When the time is right to sell, we send your client back to you.  We want to be your property management back office.

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Tenant's Portal

Pay your rent on-line.  View all of your account information in a secure on-line environment.  Submit a maintenance request.  Communicate with your property manager.


Owner's Portal

Access rent and maintenance records.  View your account information in a secure on-line environment.  Communicate with your property manager.


Increase Your Wealth With Income Property

Resolve to Increase Your Wealth With Income Property What is Income Property? Typically, income property refers to real estate that an owner purchases with the intention of getting revenue from it in the form of rent from tenants. In other words, the owner buys the...
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Winterize! Protect Your Property While You’re Away

Prepare for Your Winter Vacation! Safeguard Your Household Plumbing Before You Leave! With our cold Colorado winters, absences from home can mean leaving your property at risk from damage due to frozen plumbing. Nobody wants vacation joy to end in the aggravation of...
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Why Choose Crystal Pines?

From our targeted advertising approach to matching ideal tenants with our rental homes to the priority relationships we have with our maintenance and repair service providers, we keep tenant turnover low and your investment protected.

Got Renter’s Insurance?

Renter's insurance is not included with your rent, but, it is very inexpensive and will save you a lot of trouble down the road if anything bad ever happens while you're renting. Our favorite agent is Tim Kealy at Farmer's in Colorado Springs. Click the pic or call or email Tim at (719) 494-1234/ to get your free quote.

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