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We Also Manage Properties In Monument, Fountain, Widefield, Security, Peyton, Falcon, Briargate, Black Forest, Stratmoor, Air Force Academy and Woodland Park.

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Crystal Pines Property Management Team at Acquire Homes, Inc.

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We’ll find you a well qualified tenant and ensure your property is well cared for.

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Colorado Springs Property Management


We have great solutions for underwater sellers or those waiting for the best time to sell.

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Need Help With Your Rental Property?

Call now to talk to Amy Scheller about maximizing your rental property income.

Colorado Springs Property Management

Quality Homes.  Quality Tenants.

“Crystal Pines Property Management is a market leader in providing peace-of-mind property management services that enable owners, tenants, and realtors to live free of property worries. We do that through state-of-the-art technologies, superior contractor relationships, and profound knowledge of the local property market and laws.”

– Amy Scheller

Colorado Springs Property Management

Colorado Springs Property Management

Colorado Springs Property Management

The main focus of Crystal Pines Property Management is to provide expert advice, and property management to the Colorado Springs community of property owners in and around the surrounding areas of Fountain, Woodland Park, Monument, and Manitou Springs.

Whether you are a property owner with a single-family home, a town home, or a condo in the Colorado Springs area, or someone looking to rent a great place to live, we will make sure to not only meet but exceed your expectations as a top Colorado Springs property management company.

We believe in keeping things simple: peace of mind, successful outcomes, efficient systems, and great service.

Professional Property Manager

When you work with Crystal Pines Property Management, your investment property is handled by professional property managers who truly care about your property. We’ll work hard to protect your investment while making sure you get the monthly income you deserve.

We excel at finding the very best tenants for your property, collecting rent payments on time, and coordinating maintenance.

We will provide you with detailed financial reporting, property upkeep and maintenance, manage inspections, and manage tenant relations effectively.

You Will Love Working With Us!

We are property owners and local business people ourselves, so we have a thorough understanding of property management Colorado Springs.

Falcon Property Management

We have processes in place to keep your property maintained and tenants caring for the property to insure the best rental income possible.

We also stay current on market changes in and around the Colorado Springs area, as well as keeping up with legislative updates in our industry to give you the peace of mind only the best property management companies Colorado Springs can offer.

We provide you with monthly reporting, annual reporting and on an as needed basis, cash flow reporting, and property analysis, so that at a glance you can see exactly how well your investment is performing over a 60 month period.

We don’t stop there. We take great pride in being the one-stop-shop for property owners and investors who are interested in only the best professional rental property management Colorado Springs.

Crystal Pines Property Management is able to provide investors and owners like you with more resources. We do that without having to sacrifice the quality and service that we are so well-known for and maximize the potential of your investment at the same time.

Professional Rental Property Management Colorado Springs

When Crystal Pines manages your rental property, you get Peace Of Mind in many different ways.

  • We do a comparative market analysis so you know you’re getting the best rental rate for your property.
  • A full property evaluation is done to determine the physical condition of your property and suggest maintenance or repairs to maximize rental income and tenant longevity.
  • Peace of mind with our rigorous tenant screening process as all tenants are pre-screened and pre-qualified.
  • When the new tenant is ready to move in we do a full move-in inspection.
  • We stay in contact with you and provide open and transparent financial reporting, and, secure, on-line, on-demand access to your account statements and to track work orders.
  • We work only with insured, licensed, cost-sensitive home maintenance and repair professionals from the list we’ve cultivated during our more than 10 years in the real estate business.

When it’s all said and done, you can rest assured without worry or stress knowing that your rental property is earning top dollar and that it’s being cared for like we would care for our own properties.

Home For Rent In In Colorado Springs

Why Choose Us From All The Colorado Springs Home Rental Agencies?

From our experience of living through the boom and bust of the real estate cycle here in Colorado Springs – we maintain mid-term and long-term views on our local real estate market. We understand the impact of the military on our population, the influx of new people coming into the state, and the housing needs of our growing communities.

That is why we live here and own property here as one of the top Colorado Springs management companies.

We are able to advise our owners how to best position themselves to take advantage of our growing housing needs in the community. Our years in the industry allows us to minimize vacancy, and maintain properties efficiently, to maximize your return on investment.

Focused and Affordable Property Management Service

The Crystal Pines Property Management Team offers affordable real estate management solutions in Colorado Springs that is based on a simple fee structure.

Our sole focus is on residential single-family homes, multifamily management, townhomes, and condos.


  • We offer a simple, inexpensive fee structure.
  • No “markup” of maintenance vendor invoices. All of our vendors are insured and licensed as required.
  • No management fees are charged if the property is not occupied.
  • All Prospective Tenants are thoroughly screened, confirming employment and income, credit rating, and credit history, eviction history and more.
  • Detailed condition pictures are taken before and after every tenant.
Colorado Springs Property Management Company

What Do We Actually Do On Your Behalf?

  • Qualify Prospective Tenants Based On Several Criteria
  • Schedule and attend showings of the property
  • Collect rent and other payments
  • We Insure that rent is collected on time
  • Handle all tenant communications
  • Schedule and manage all maintenance requests
  • Provide your owner statement online
  • Focus on tenant retention
  • If it ever becomes necessary, we handle evictions
  • Work orders show all tenants with contact info and approved pets so vendors are aware of who should be in the property
  • We drive by the property on a monthly basis during the growing season
  • A Walk Through At The 6 Month Mark to be sure the property is being cared for
Black Forest Property Management

Our business is Property Management. Period. We do not buy or sell.

Clients really appreciate the fact that we focus on property management instead of listings.
That translates into more attention to and better care of your investment.
We do not buy or sell property!

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