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These are some of the areas we serve. We handle rental property management in Colorado Springs, Monument, Fountain, Woodland Park and Falcon, CO.  Enjoy all the benefits of owning property without the headaches and worry! Call or e-mail to arrange our visit to see your property today.

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Areas We Serve In And Around Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs

areas we serve

Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs is the most populous city and the seat of El Paso County. Also, it is considered to be a Home Rule Municipality and a fragment is also located in Teller County. Colorado Springs the second-most highly populated city in Colorado with a population of 464,000, and rankest 47th in the whole United States.

Colorado Springs is located slightly east of Colorado’s geographic center and approximately 61 miles to the south of Denver. The world-famous Pikes Peak Mountain is nearby, along the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

The tourism industry in Colorado Springs mainly focuses on Pikes Peak, which is the best-known and famous destinations in the area. In addition, due to being so close to the Rocky Mountains, the city features numerous trails and parks. That makes Colorado Springs very popular for the city’s incredible scenery. It has also gained prestige for all of its stunning geological features and rock formation. Money Magazine named Colorado Springs as its top-ranked Big City in its “Best Places to Live” criteria.


Another of the areas we serve is Fountain, CO. Fountain was established as a city in 1859 during the same year that Central City, Denver, Golden, and Colorado City were. By 2020, unlike these other cities, Fountain had only a little more than 15,000 residents. The figure continues to increase due to its affordable housing and location.

Black Forest

This small town has just 13,000 residents and is located northeast of Colorado Springs. The town is not a major tourist attraction, whoever, there are many interesting facts about Black Forest, which cause many people to visit.

When American pioneer initially settled in the area during the late 1850s, Black Forest was a major hub of activity. The area was the main source of timber, which at the time was scarce in other parts of Colorado Springs. The first sawmill was built there in 1860, which was followed by several dozen later.

In 2013 a forest fire started near Shoup Road and Highway 83. The fire burned approximately 15,500 acres and there are 511 buildings that were totally destroyed and two people died. Due to all of the houses that were destroyed in the fire, it was the most destructive fire in the history of Colorado surpassing the fire of Waldo Canyon.

Air Force Academy

In April 1954, the U.S. Air Force Academy was first established. It covers 18,000 acres located north of the city of Colorado Springs. This

areas we serve

Air Force Academy

academy is an undergraduate college attended by officer candidates and is also an air force base. Currently, there are 723 faculty members and 4,000 cadets who are enrolled at the academy.

The surrounding community of around 25,000 is also serviced by the Academy.

About 65% of the faulty are members of the military. Individuals who are not part of the academy’s operations include family care, medial, security, and fire response providers along with active-duty personnel.


This is among the largest and fastest-growing parts of Colorado Springs. It is a master-planned community, covering over 9,000 acres. It has become one of the community’s more popular residential areas.


Monument along with neighboring communities Palmer Lake and Woodmoor, sits just north of El Paso County and is known as the Tri Lakes area. More specifically, the they are located in the area known as Palmer Divide, which is essentially between Colorado Springs and Castle Rock, with Denver to the North.

The Tri-Lakes area is made up of Woodmoor community, Palmer Lake and Monument. The reason it’s called Tri-Lakes is because those three communities have lakes in them. As for schools in the areas, there is a high school in the area of Woodmoor, as well as a several elementary schools located throughout each community.

The district the communities’ schools belong to is the Lewis-Palmer School District.

The Tri-Lakes areas borders the Gleneagle community, Black Forest and the County Line Road. It’s located near the United States Air Force Academy. Furthermore, it’s right next to the Pike National Forest.

Monument is only less than 50 miles from Denver and just north of Downtown Colorado Springs. It’s around five miles from the Air Force Academy. It is located in a convenient area for residents who want easy access to major cities, but also want to enjoy mountain living.


Falcon is located about 14 miles northeast of the city of Colorado Springs. It is an unincorporated area situated in El Paso County in Colorado. During the early 20th century, Falcon was a hub for the railroad. It is now a quiet ranching community which, over the decades, has continued to experience a high level of growth.

Manitou Springs

The town was named in part for the mineral water that is contained in the wells across the city. During the early years, it attracted numerous tuberculosis sufferers to the town. However, Manitou Springs did not start to thrive until 1881, when there was a railroad constructed from Colorado Springs.

By the 1880s the resort town had a total of seven grand hotels, including Cliff House and Grandview, which still exist today.

There were also rental cottages, small hotels, and small boarding houses that were available for visitors every season.

These are the areas we serve in and around Colorado Springs.

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