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Referrals Go Back to You When It’s Time to Sell

“A strong relationship with you is essential for the success of our property managers.” ~ AJS

Realtor Friendly Property Managers

What makes the Crystal Pines Property Management Team Realtor friendly?  When you refer your sellers to us, we take care of them like you would.

  • We make sure that their property is cared for and that they are paid on time.
  • We stay in touch with you over the duration of the management agreement.
  • Your referrals go back to you when it is time for them to sell.

There are times when you have a complex transaction on your hands.  Your seller could be under water.  They have to move right away.  It might be that the market is too soft to sell and you need to wait, or, there are investors involved.

We’re here to help you with a rental solution for you and your seller.  Look to us with confidence.  We want your referrals.

We respect the your relationships with your sellers.  Our role is to help you serve your sellers through the full spectrum of their needs which is why we do not list or sell properties.  Ever.

When your sellers are ready to sell, we immediately refer them back to you.  CPPM is your partner, not your competitor, and we welcome the opportunity to earn your referrals as your seller’s needs change.

Let’s meet for coffee.  Call me at:  (719) 470-2777, or, e-mail me at:

Additionally, I encourage you to view my LinkedIn profile and to send me a connection request.  View my LinkedIn Profile


Amy J. Scheller
Licensed Property Manager
Crystal Pines Property Management

Amy J. Scheller

Amy J. Scheller

Licensed Property Manager

Realtors, our success depends on our good relationships with you.  We want to earn your referrals.  Let’s  meet for coffee.  Call me at:  (719) 470-2777, or, e-mail me at:

Office Location:


We’re Realtor Friendly
Property Managers!

Crystal Pines Property Management Team
at Keller Williams Client’s Choice
1283 Kelly Johnson Blvd
Colorado Springs, Co 80920

(719) 470-2777

Office Hours:

Weekdays:  8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Weekends:  by appointment

Let’s Meet for Coffee!

I believe in networking because it’s a great way to find talented people to work with.  Let’s grow our businesses together.  Call me at (719) 470-2777 or fill out the short form below and let’s meet for coffee.

“Action is the real measure of intelligence.”  ~ Napoleon Hill

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Why Refer Your Seller to Us?

Because we take care of them like you would.  And, when they are ready to sell, we send them back to you.  We want to be your property management back office and welcome your referrals.


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